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My uncle had seen the UFO encounter in EXPLAINS

Development of the event
Was in July of 2008
On a summer  the night , out of the village had gone to walk around at 23:30

Drew attention to the direction of a light orange-sized North.
Up to 30 minutes away from the village in a mountainous area. we continued to walk.

We have seen Valleys formed by streams from the top to cut off our path from time to time
Our field of vision up to 1-2 meters Coming down in such situations.
if these cases could not see light in the north.
In this way  march took about 5 minutes. These two stream bed we went. Now fully opened in our field of vision.

But after that moment, a very interesting chain of events began.
One moment the sky began to become something different.
It occurred in a tunnel in the sky and the moon came to the earth pierced.
It body color, shape, size, much like the moon.
Then he rolled down the hill body, has returned and sat down on a pit below.

Become the largest paintings depicted here as I have reached.
For a while stopped for 5-6 seconds.
Much closer to the ground as we landed almost shocked.
At the same time we could see the top of the mountain.
Too strong a light ring around on the spot to spread a variety of colors caught my attention.
Then he rose and moved 300 meters from the northern line.
(If you would beat up the hill in front elevation)
Immediately after sliding in the direction of south-east came upon us.
I saw this time was 4-5 seconds under full upon us.
Two of these rings have impressed me the red ring and have a depth of
Do you not remember the exact way out in the rings with oval eyes were green and blue light.

Here's something interesting in the body in the form of an inverted cone of light spreading.
Particles, such as pouring down as if fireworks.But it does not fall down.I got the feeling of a moment to pull me towards him.

Hunting rifle hanging on my shoulder with my hand went reflexively created by fear.
I did not see that moment again and then pee.
According to the testimony of his uncle was standing in front of me a full body that appear on our north-east went missing over the last hill.
information on environmental and INDIVIDUAL
I live in Istanbul,46 years old,computer programmer,university graduate,
Medipro Software company manager.

My uncle lives in a village in the remote areas in Kastamonu.
56 years old, primary school graduates.
Write next to her on holidays to visit for a week and go to stay alone with nature.
My interest in UFOs after the incident that occurred in my live.
UFO no idea if my uncle who live permanently in a non-farming people in that village.
ANDIRAZ name of the village, the nearest settlement with a population of 4600 there is a small town 55 km away
up to 300 people can go to the summer population of this village, about 90 real-indigenous population
The purpose of any vehicle carrying people to come here just to bring income to the village.
At other times, the vehicle does not pass this way to the village.
Geographical location of the village 70-80 km long, is painted in the valley at an altitude of 1250 at the foot of the mountains ILGAZ.
Only in this village illuminates the sky, moon and stars at night.
Milky Way very clearly visible here

In the 1990s, a body attached to the lens by chance UFO in full snow...

In 2007 a ​​UFO caught incidentally lens
  where we made ​​our observations 6-7 km from bird's eye view..

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From Ricky,

While I believe you and other villagers did see and experience something, there is a logical explanation for it.

Without photographs or video it's hard to determine what it can be. Have you contacted a nearby airport and asked if they detected anything? How about contacting a nearby military base?

The military do practice maneuvers and use tracer rounds, magnesium flares. Pilots practice what's called "map of the Earth" where they fly as low as possible. Weather phenomenon can also cause strange things. Fog, even increased water vapor - even in the desert can reflect or distort thing. I have seen clouds that look so much like a typical "flying Saucer" but is actually a lenticular cloud.

The term flying saucer was first used in 1957. Do a Google search on Project Mogul and Project Blue Book.

I hope you find your answer. I'm sorry all I can provide is knowledge, however I can say you have nothing to worry about. There is no danger.

I'm legally blind but that doesn't stop me. Check out my websites.
Ricky Leon Murphy, MSc
©2005-2012 Astronomy Online

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In response to Ricky,

Dear Ricky,

Return to thank you for making.
limited budget on behalf of science,I congratulate you and your spouse for your work on a voluntary basis.
I kept it for about 3 years of this event.
I tried to admit to myself before.
During this time, a scientific method to explain this incident did not find myself.
Primarily the right to believe as a scientist to develop a different opinion.
Come first to mind, however, propose that one of the very ordinary things opinions.
I let me groove baby situated in one step, this event is not the global lightning or a meteor shower.

Best regards,
Celalettin Karagül

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Hi, Celalettin:
Greatly appreciate your report and would like to know more about the July 2008 event and what might have happened since then?

Standing by to learn more,

Linda Moulton Howe
Science/Environment Reporter and Editor
and Investigative Reporter
Premiere Radio Networks

P. O. Box 21843
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87154

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Thank you for this. I've had a look and it's very interesting. However, while I comment in the media on UFOs and other mysteries, now that I have left the MoD, I no longer have the time or the resources to personally investigate UFO sightings or other strange occurrences.

Best wishes,

Nick Pope

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Science is the process of eliminating supernatural explanations. - Robert Park

It's hard to tell from the translation, but this looks very much like earthquake lights (EQL). The location (from the bottom of the Google Earth images of the valley) is right in the North Anatolian Fault zone. For a map, see:

For a photo of similar EQL, see:

There were no large quakes in that area around that time, but small one occur frequently -- this is a major tectonic feature -- and EQL are frequently not co-seismic. That's part of the reason we're beginning to call them Tectonic Stress Lights (TSL).


At 09:40 AM 4/9/2012, M. Kim Johnson wrote:
I suggested that they contact Ted who is really, really good at this stuff. Is that OK with you, Ted? ;-)

Begin forwarded message:


Hi All

It is 11 km to the North Anatolian fault line, very close to the right.
But the event itself, by moving this data EQL "Beyond Earthquake Lights" can not say that.

Because other signs it (EQL) not support.

What are these signs?

1) Light came from above : The room is very different from the great.
Opened a hole in the sky. We know, months, a light appeared in the same size and color.
In this light, to us within one second (place), even closer, turning and rolling. Then the explosion was a flare in the form of rainbow

2) the light in a single form was not homogeneous: Download the form of a ring containing the rainbow colors we see.
There was an appearance of a reversed cone-shaped look from the bottom. There was a thick red ring of two nested. There was a veil around the flowing downwards. There were different colored eyes in a small

3) in the same light that we can fines (500 meters) was replaced by six times. Up, down and diagonally.

Best Regards,
Medipro Yazılım
Celalettin Karagül